Water Filters/ Water Conditioning

water filterIs your water slightly discolored? Does it have a weird taste?

There is a way to fix this! Call the experts at Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co today and we can come take a sample of your water and have it tested to find out the best solution for your problem.

Many people don’t know that having water that doesnt have the correct minerals or has too much of a certain type of mineral can actually be bad for your plumbing system including your pipes and fixtures. This damage can cost you thousands of dollars over time from needing to replace these parts due to premature wear.

The above statement is especially true if you live in a house that has a well instead of city water. Well water doesn’t go through any type of water treatment center before it reaches your house, the water comes straight out of the ground. Many times requiring you to have your own treatment system, often times referred to as a water conditioning system.

However just because you have city water and not a well doesn’t mean there may not be a necessity for some type of water filter in your house.

There are a few different options, depending on the results of the water test.

One being¬†just a basic water filter with a changable cartridge that we can install in your water line right after it comes into your house. (This option may only solve minor abnormalities in your water). If your water is slightly discolored and staining your tub/shower, toilets and sinks. A water filter can help with this, saving you time and energy so you don’t have to scrub the stains out when cleaning.

Another option being a complete water conditioning/purification system. Which uses big filters and adds brine and other minerals to your water to give it the correct Ph balance necessary for healthy drinking and to help extend the life of your plumbing system. Saving you money in the long run.

We take pride in being as minimally evasive to your home as possible, cleaning up any mess that we make and ensuring that you are satisfied before we leave!

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