House Repiping

Is your water pressure low? Is your water piping starting to develop leaks?

Many older houses have galvanized water pipe still remaining in service. This pipe over time becomes corroded and actually gets clogged up. Because of this your water pressure will suffer resulting in an inadequate volume of water being supplied to your fixtures. This piping over time will also start to develop pinhole leaks thoughout the system which could lead to water damage that will only end up costing you more money.

Does your house have copper or cpvc piping and you don’t have good water pressure? Sometimes when houses are built or piping is replaced, it’s undersized. When this happens, the amount of water necessary to use a fixture or multiple fixtures at one time is not available at the rate you desire. (For example, your washing machine is running, dish washer is running and you want to take a shower).

Call the experts here at Hamilon Plumbing and Heating Co to come out and diagnose the problem. We will come out and test your water pressure, examine the condition/sizing of your existing piping and recommend the best solution to fix the problem.

We don’t cut corners when replacing piping. We make sure every fixture we supply piping to is adequately sized for the best operation possible. We will replace your existing piping with brand new copper or cpvc (your choice), replace all the shutoff valves, install brand new frost proof hose bibs, and install a new main water shutoff valve where the water comes into your house. Giving you a plumbing system that works correctly and will last you many years, allowing you one less thing to worry about in your already busy life.

We take pride in being as minimally evasive to your home as possible, cleaning up any mess that we make and ensuring that you are satisfied with our work before we leave!


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